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Mars 2010


Jag vill visa er ett mail jag fick av min vän Chonn, som är ansvarig för vårt projekt "Mr Mattias English School" i Kambodja. Som jag tidigare berättat arbetar Chonn som guide i tempelområdet Angkor i Siem Reap. Vår skola är byggd i hans hemby, under hans mammas hus, som ligger ca 1 timmes mopedresa(!) från Siem Reap.
Detta är Chonns egen historia med hans egna ord och engelskan är inte perfekt (jag har rättat lite grand), men jag tror ändå att ni förstår vad Chonn vill berätta!

"I would like to tell you about the children at school; there are 90 students now. We have got 8 tables now, three from the monks but two looks very old. Don't worry about this, I will get another 4 from a donor in Singapore and we will take the old once away in next week.

The free English school in my village named Mr. Mattias English school, was built on 04 Feb 2010 in Kouk Reusy village Darun commune Sotnickom district Siem Reap province Cambodia, by the sponsor of Mr. Mattias family.

My Idea to build this school was in order to build the English knowledge for the children in this village.
Because the English is very important for the children in this country. This country is the tourist place, special in this province that the place of history and cultural for Cambodian, that we are now.

I hope all the kids that were in this school after two or three years they can speak good English, and then they can use it for looking for a job so they could live in this country, because most of the job in this country needs English for the main language, if somebody can not speak English, we can't find jobs...

Even though this Country got free school from the Government most of the children at the country side still quite the school a lot. They are around 15 to 16 year old in order to looking for a job, because the parents don´t have money to pay them for school, special around 70% of them at the country side.


Because this country use to got servile war around 27 years, in that cruel time they killed a lot of people (around 1.8 milloin in the years 1975 to 1979) and most of them were teachers, students, Doctors, monks and Governor that were killed by The Khmer Rouge. During in that time it was no school, no hospital, no religion so the people lived like animals and had very heavy work and not enough food.

After that the people that have life from that time most of them are unacknowledged, around 98% of them.
The school rised again in this Country in the year of 1982 (in the town) and at the country side in the year of 1984. But at some places it was still war and no school. The war finished in the year of 1997. Because most of the people was very poor and the war make them lose every thing...

This country has a bit Corruption and that makes the people just find a way to live by them selves. The teachers in this country got small salary, one month around 75$ or 100$ now, that is not enough to live and feed family.

This country also have not enough classes for the children, they study only 4 hour/day and the teachers teach less too. This is not enough to understand because the teachers would like the children to go to their classes so the teachers open their house in order to collect money from the students (If the teachers don't do that they can´t  live in this country either, they have to do it for living.... It´s because the Government doesn't care for them). If some children don't go, they will not understand any things, so that´s why the parents, now, need to pay them for school. The Income of them is very small so that´s why they need to quit the children from the school.
If some family gets enough income, the children can do more school.

I my Project, I have a plan to build the Free English school because in order to help the children in this village to get a job after they finished the school, or if they quit the school before high school, at lest they can find some god jobs in the Hotels, restaurants, bars or at the air port. (Because if some people can not speak English, it´s very hard for them to find a job in this country and it means that most of the children that quit the school only can work with farming).

Beside of this I would like to find out a way to save all the children in this school (Mr. Mattias English School) until they finish high school, I will do any way if I can.

I will try to look for sponsors who can do donations to the children like the orphanage place. Comperes to the children in some orphanage place and look to children at the country side; the children at the orphanage they are sometimes looking like a rich family. The children got many things, just no parents. But the children at the country side got their parents but has no time to play, never get relaxes time (beside sleeping time at night), no toys, no balls and not enough school.

If I can find sponsers we won't charge so much, like the orphanage place, maybe around 30$ /month to help them go to school (because they stays with the parents). This is the best way that can help the parents to keep the children at school until High school or university. If some parents would like to quite the children from school we all stop to pay that money.

In My school I have the rule = the children have a chance to study now, they can't stop 3 times a month and the parents have to promise that they don't try to stop the children from our school in order to work. If the children has any problem, like sick or any thing, the parents have to tell to the teacher too. If some body would like to quit the children from the school or the children quit by them selves, the parents have to pay for school 15$ /child.
(I´m still looking for more sponsers, because there are a lot of children near my village that don´t have school)."

By Chonn


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