September 2010

Nu har förberedelserna inför kommande resa till Kambodja börjat! Jag har sökt stipendium igen och hoppas kunna samla in lite material att ta med till barnen på skolan! Chonn skrev ett fint Välkomstbrev som ni kan ta del av! Som ni kan läsa så kommer jag, tillsammans med min sambo, att besöka barnen i februari. Jag längtar så himla mycket, det ska bli så roligt att träffa dem!!!

Chonns brev;

Dear Jenny!
 How are you? I'm good now . I really would like to invite you to Mr Mattias English school in February  2011 . The children are looking forward to see you and they have learned English in this school close to one year. So in February, I have planing to make a party for one year old of the school and they really would like to thank you and family for spending time and money to make all of them get free English school. I hope see you on that time and then you can test  children yourself after one year with this school. I hope they can speak and chatting with you .
I will do the party in February 2011 but is not big . I have to wait for your answer if you can help for that, our children will be really happy with the party . Because you know I don't have much money to pay for the the big one.
Now the school is good but the school condition is not so well in my idea I want to make a new wall that makes it better than now . Because we started  it, we don't have much money to make it look better. Another thing I really would like you to bring is gift for our children, the best gift now for them is the government school uniform, now they start a new year class after break for one month and half. The new year all of the children they really would like to have new uniform too, but the parent can not complete it for them, if we can help them these , they will be very happy.  I hope only you that can find the way to help all these children .
I have some pictures with this message too.
I hope you will be happy. You did a good way.
I wished the god save you and your family and bring all the best to you too!
Best regards!


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